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24 Feb 2017 Dwight Dissels @ #NextGen Amsterdam, Noord- Holland ( NL ) Maranatha Ministries Amsterdam Maranatha Ministries Amsterdam
18 Dec 2016 New York Gospel Singers Show Amsterdam, Noord Holland ( NL ) Heineken Music Hall Heineken Music Hall
09 Dec 2016 Dwight Dissels Amsterdam, Noord Holland ( NL ) Club Dauphine Club Dauphine
26 Nov 2016 John Angoh - Live in Amsterdam Amsterdam, Noord Holland ( NL ) Gemeente De Rots Gemeente De Rots
20 Nov 2016 Brasadey 2016 Rotterdam, Zuid Holland ( NL ) Ahoy Ahoy
19 Nov 2016 SHIRMA'S SOULKITCHEN XL Hoofddorp, Noord Holland ( NL ) Westergasfabriek Westergasfabriek
28 Jul 2016 Dwight Dissels San Fernando Open Bible Church Open Bible Church
27 Jul 2016 Dwight Dissels @ Surinam Paramaribo, SU Gemeente Bribi Gemeente Bribi
16 Jul 2016 Dwight Dissels Amsterdam, NL
09 Jul 2016 Ethnic Praise 2016 - Word Expo Amsterdam, NL
11 Jun 2016 Make it happen Diemen, NL Theater De Omval Theater De Omval
16 May 2016 Benefietconcert - Powerhouse Ministries Eindhoven, NL Philips Stadion Philips Stadion
07 May 2016 Elvis E. Home coming concert Amsterdam, NL Victory Outreach Amsterdam Victory Outreach Amsterdam
23 Apr 2016 John Angoh - Album launching Amsterdam, NL
28 Mar 2016 Stg. Liefde overwint presenteert...EASTER BBQ BENEFIT Amsterdam, NL South East Hal South East Hal
27 Feb 2016 Generation of power - workshop Leiden, NL God Centre NL God Centre NL
26 Feb 2016 1heart - 'Detour 2016' Leiden, NL GodCentre GodCentre
23 Dec 2015 Dwight Dissels Hoofddorp, Haarlemmermeer ( NL ) Schouwburg De Meerse Schouwburg De Meerse
20 Dec 2015 CHOSEN concert Amsterdam, NL Panama Amsterdam Panama Amsterdam
19 Dec 2015 CHRISTMAS WITH.. NICK & SIMON Rotterdam, NL AHOY (Sportpaleis) AHOY (Sportpaleis)
18 Dec 2015 Carols op het plein!! Rotterdam, Zuid Holland ( NL ) Grote Kerkplein bij de Laurenskerk. Grote Kerkplein bij de Laurenskerk.
12 Dec 2015 Glint Gospel Music Awards 2015 Almere, Nederland Backstage Almere Backstage Almere
28 Nov 2015 Benefiet concert Rock Church Ambon Leerdam, Utrecht ( NL ) The Rock Church The Rock Church
17 Oct 2015 Praise Night - Praise Valley Temple Almere, Flevoland ( NL ) Praise Valley Temple Almere Praise Valley Temple Almere
03 Oct 2015 Benefit concert against Human Trafficking Amsterdam, NL PHW Congres PHW Congres
13 Jun 2015 Dwight Dissels Amsterdam, Nederland Church of Pentecost - Holland Church of Pentecost - Holland
02 May 2015 Dwight Dissels
18 Apr 2015 Dwight Dissels Eindhoven Emmaüskerk Eindhoven Emmaüskerk Eindhoven
06 Apr 2015 Dwight Dissels Amsterdam De Koningskerk De Koningskerk
27 Mar 2015 Dwight Dissels Amsterdam, NL Maranatha Ministries Amsterdam Maranatha Ministries Amsterdam
24 Dec 2014 Maranatha Ministries - Christmas Celebration Amsterdam, NL Amsterdam RAI Elicium Amsterdam RAI Elicium
21 Dec 2014 Dwight Dissels Amsterdam MM- gebouw MM- gebouw
19 Dec 2014 Nick & Simon Rotterdam, NL AHOY (Sportpaleis) AHOY (Sportpaleis)
13 Dec 2014 Rev22:21 Choir Dordrecht, NL Evangelisch Centrum - Bonfire Evangelisch Centrum - Bonfire
30 Nov 2014 Dwight Dissels Haarlem, NL Philharmonie Philharmonie
29 Nov 2014 Dwight Dissels Amsterdam Maranatha Ministries Maranatha Ministries
22 Nov 2014 Dwight Dissels Rotterdam Victory Outreach Rotterdam Victory Outreach Rotterdam

Growing up
Dwight Dissels grew up knowing that Jesus Christ is real and God exists.
At an early age he experienced the difficult side of life when his father died. Growing up Dwight searched for the guidance of a father, someone to relate to. Through these rough times music became a good outlet. Not knowing a few years later God would use his sorrow and tears to bless others.
His mother’s lifestyle was a testimony of what it is like to trust God, this example greatly influenced his adult life.

April 2000: Dwight attended a conference in Amsterdam. Pastor Donnie McClurkin sang the legendary song “Jesus, at the mention of Your name” and preached the message “You were born for such a time as this”. Dwight clearly heard the voice of God to stop living in disguise and start living for God. After this experience God equipped Dwight through bible study, prayer and the teachings at church to become the man he is now: God’s work in progress.

Dwight is a member of Maranatha Ministries Amsterdam, a vibrant multi cultural church led by Apostle Stanley Hofwijks.
Since September 2012 he’s leading the teenagers: preparing and helping them to make a difference and stand out by being a light in this world. He understands the need to invest in the next generation and actively participate in the church.
In January 2011 Dwight visited a concert of William McDowell and was inspired to set up worship events in The Netherlands. Together with some friends they started the 1heart events and organized events in three cities so far. Check out for more info.

God has opened many doors for Dwight to sing in arenas, stadiums, schools cross Europe and in South America. But the most important thing is that his goal is not to impress people with his vocal skills..but inspire and inform people..that there’s a God who loves us..unconditionally.

So if you read this bio… know that God is for you and Jesus loves you. Just ask Him to show you how much He loves you. You’ll be blown away!!

…Hier nog een filmpje.Heb jij opnames..drop ze gerust op deze pagina#Sharing = #Caring

Geplaatst door Dwight Dissels op woensdag 23 december 2015

Mijn Fisherman's friend moment…Awesome bro.. God used John Angoh to change the game last night.#Africanworship #somethingelse

Geplaatst door Dwight Marvin op maandag 21 december 2015

Always performed by Dwight Dissels and the crew !! Just wow the way they sang it !

Geplaatst door Anaïris CR op dinsdag 23 december 2014

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The voice of Holland – season 7

I can finally share this exciting news!!

I am one of the contestants of THE VOICE OF HOLLAND SEASON 7!!!
As of tomorrow 20.30 (local time) the show airs on RTL 4 (Dutch national tv) and if you’re living outside The Netherlands, you can try watching the total show via -> “gemist” -> search for The voice of Holland season 7

You also download the Red Room app to watch all the auditions and continue following this TVOH journey!

Red Room app link: 



CHOSEN – 20 December 2015

Op 20 december 2015 keert Dwight Dissels terug met het ‘Chosen’ event in Panama Amsterdam.
Een bijzondere setting, een mix van bekende nummers en nieuw materiaal, een nieuwe sound en met dezelfde passie en overgave die de bezoeker gewend is van Dwight. Het nieuwe materiaal dat tijdens dit event te horen is zal later in 2016 in een nieuwe productie te verkrijgen zijn.
Kortom: hier wil je bij zijn! Bestel je kaart(en) dus vandaag nog via deze link!

Meer over Dwight vindt je op!!



Vocalcoaching in regio Flevoland!!!

Het is mij een aantal malen verzocht om ook in regio Flevoland zanglessen te geven.
Hierop ben ik benaderd door een muziekstudio in Almere om gebruik te maken van hun oefenruimte voor deze lessen.

Ben jij dus op zoek naar vocal coaching en woonachting in regio Flevoland?
Stuur mij dan een email naar voor het maken van een afspraak!!!


L5 records Almere

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